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Bosch Welding Controller

The modular concept on which the PS6000 is based is the integration of fully compatible and coordinated components into a single system with excellent cost-benefit.

The adaptive control system (UIR), adaptive control module and dynamic servo drives allow you to work on innovative applications.

Basic functions such as constant current regulation, pressure regulation, electrode management and electrode cap milling ensure that the weld quality meets your needs.


• High reliability achieved through the use of proven technologies.

• Maximum flexibility in I/O, Profibus, ProfiNet, DeviceNet, Interbus and Ethernet communication.

• Quality control with recording of welding points obtained from the latest dynamic resistance control technology.

• Spark reduction achieved by adaptive control of the welding process. Electric or pneumatic Servogun Drives integrated into the welding control.

• Windows-based user interface for all SQL database process functions.

• Innovative functions for monitoring component protection.

• Flexibility for retrofitting and process modules.


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