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Welding Transformers

The family of medium frequency transformers from Rexroth and Expert work with power from 50KVA to 500KVA.
System components are precisely matched, enabling maximum power transfer and additional monitoring functions.

Compact construction of the equipment, allows high production volume and use in automatic, manual or robotic clamps with up to 250 KVA of power.

Name                                                                  Description


Bosch Rexroth - PSG 6130.00 PTK                   Standard application for robot


Bosch Rexroth - PSG 6130.00 PTK/AS             Manual applications


Bosch Rexroth - PSG 6250.00 ASTK                Projection welding machines


Expert - MF100-TMUeR M8PR                           Automatic soldering tongs


Expert – MF3-9,3-6,5-TM-M8-2B                        Automatic soldering tongs


Expert – MF2-8,4-5,0-TM-M8-1B                         Welding Tweezers Manuals


Expert – MF9-13,2-7,5-TM-M8-2E-S-635V        Stationary machine

Compared to other transformers in its class, it is distinguished by high power and energy density, which significantly improves weld quality.


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