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Stationary Welding Machines

Stationary Welding Machines

Startec's spot and projection welding machines are developed especially for each application and can be supplied with the necessary features to solve each case.


In our machines we work with the best welding transformers on the market, properly sized to specifications for the end customer's standard.

Bosch welding controllers guarantee high quality and reliability in welding as well as the certainty of excellent technical support for many years, protecting your investment.

Bimanual drive control and integrated with PLC and/or robot, provide high operational flexibility to the equipment.


For automated operation the communication interface can be Profinet, Interbus, DeviceNet or discrete I/O.


All machine designs and construction are carried out in a way that allows simple modifications of concepts and mode of operation.


The machines can be AC-60Hz and DC – Medium Frequency.


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